"My name is David and i was on my laptop looking for a better job than I had in South Australia, I saw an ad that asked me if I wanted to work in Canada or United states. I was very nervous as ive never been to America before, and on my own. Paperwork and payments were all being sent as i heard that it was not a scam. I really had a skype interview with a manager from the hotel i was supposed to work in, and i got it. I had my flight details emailed to me and off i was, couldnt believe it, hotels on the way were included. My accommodation at the hotel went with no problems as i was tired. I corresponded before and during my entire stay with Kelley Burris who constantly helped me and stayed in touch, she could even assist me with an extension of my visa status since i was loving everyday. Thank You Kelley for giving the experience of my life when I was just searching for another job in my home town!"

David from South Africa

"Gratitude is not enough to thank IRES. I appreciate how IRES help me to build and mold my desired career. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, IRES is always here for me to care, guide and assist on my entire traineeship program. Your sincere support to me has given me strenght to make this experience an extraordinary. Though culinary internship is one of the challenging field, you uplifting me in any ways and you became the wind beneath my wings to soar high. I dont regret to give my trust to you to handle my application and I will highly recommend this to my fellow friends and classmates. God bless!"

Xelle Mendoza

"With Ires my dream about an internship in California came true! At first the prosses seems to take a long time and be difficult, but not with this company. They make it easy for the interns because they really know their job, and do it perfectly. In a pretty short period of time they offered me the placement . But I couldn't even imagne that it would be one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels I've ever seen! When you are choosing an internship as a first step toward your career it's so complicated to rely on unfamiliar company. But I can say with confidence that Ires deserves your trust because they are best!"

Yesayan Inga

"My name is Kata Farsang. I'm from Hungary, Europe. I decided to work with the IRE Services agency in 2009 when I started to plan my internship in New York. I got the information about the agency from a very good friend of mine who worked with them too and spent an amazing year in Arizona. She told me they were absolutely reliable and helpful in any circumstances. She was right ? From the first e-mail that I sent them until today(!) they've been taking good care of me and all my issues I had. Thanks to them I got a job in the Melville Marriott Long Island in New York and I consider my last year in New York as the biggest adventure of my life. I met awesome people, I made great friendships and I'm going home with priceless memories and perfect recommendation letters!
I'm planning to come back to the States again this year (2011) and I'll definitely contact the agency again because I know I can trust them. I've never regretted that I worked with them because without them I wouldn't be able to come to the USA with no problems and go home with memorable experiences.
If anybody is planning to come work in the States, I can recommend this agency to work with! They are great support, with amazing people that you can count on even if you're all by yourself in the States.
Thanks IRE Services for everything, especially Kelley Burris who was my n°1 support from the very first moment!"

Kata Farsang, Hungary

I'd like to thank IRES for giving me this wonderful opportunity. The internship was a good foundation for my future endeavors. Looking forward to work with you soon.

Athmanand Menon Marri, J1 visa Culinary Trainee

My training program has been ended 5 months ago but still I would like to extend a huge thanks to you and the rest of the management team for the opportunity that you have given me. Thank you for helping me and allowing me further my career goals, establish my self-confidence more and prove myself that I can be independent in so many ways. It was really a dream come true to get familiarized with American culture, business practices and experience life in America. This program truly enhanced my skills, helped me get out of my comfort zone, improved my decision-making skills and my most favorite part was I found a lot of new people in my life who I've met during the program which I can call now as my family. I would like to express my gratitude as well for giving The Grand America Hotels and Resorts in Salt Lake City, Utah as my training ground. It has been a privilege working under their management that was indeed a great opportunity for any individual like me who has high aim and goals in life. Their guidance helped me to increase my potential in work and be a good team-player. They've shown me the path of brighter world, which made me enjoy and love everything in my chosen field. It never felt work at all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate everything.

Kayvee Gracielle Bacus, J1-Trainee

IRES Internship program met all my expectations even beyond I had experienced the awesome American Culture where I got to meet new people and experience new different things most importantly it contributes a lot in my career and skill development. My warm and friendly working environment allowed me to have personal growth and a productive career in the future.
The most useful aspect of this internship program for me is the Career, Personal and Skill development. With this program I gained decision-making skills, self-confidence, ethics, and teamwork required to develop my professional competencies needed for my career success. I even explored more in my field of interest, expanded my professional network working with the amazing kitchen team and gained understanding of the skills and duties involved my career field.
The fact that I made a lot of friend with people from different cultural and social backgrounds around the world is what makes this program truly memorable for me. I enjoy a lot of fun activities like Jet Ski, boating, road trips and several cook-outs with friends and co-interns. We also had a nice time immersing in various “American” activities like tailgating during football season and hockey. Also had a wonderful time spending American holidays with them like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Christmas, something new for me as we do not celebrate it in Turkey. I would highly recommend this Internship Program to my friends since it is truly a life-changing experience full learning and experiences.

Hasan Gul, Turkey J1- Culinary Intern

"The busy season is almost over, but believe me I had so much fun and I can tell to myself that I learned a lot of things in this wonderful internship. Thank you for the privilege that I've been part of your program, I met a lot of good people whose living here in the US, people who are also interns that are studying from other countries and we built an unforgettable memories. I'm so glad that I met them, my workplace is so awesome, and your program is so much worth it. Thank You very much Kelley, and the people behind the excellence of the program."

John Solis

Aleksandar Kitanchevski has endorsed your work as Owner at International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc.
"I have got information for IRES Services only thou the web search and no other personal recommendation of my friends or colleagues were there. Also there was no agency in my country that does business with Kelley's agency in Atlanta. At that time I was bit of afraid to get in to the relations with the agent directly that residences in USA. But Ms Kelly was so helpful and so straightforward that helped me a lot in my pursued of Traineeship in USA. Her assistance was so easy to understand and her communication was quick and fast. I felt that I could reach her at any time for any question that I might had.
She is a big factor in my life and my career success and I definitively will ask agency assistance from her any time that I might need.
Would like to recommend anyone that would like to do a Internship or Traineeship in USA, Canada or Australia to go throw this nice and very helpful professional lady."

Aleksandar Kitanchevski

"It had long been one of my dreams to go to the United States and experience the culture and develop my professional skills. Thanks to IRES my dream was made a reality , Kelley made the whole process run extremely smoothly and made what can be an overwhelming process seem easy! I would highly recommend IRES to anyone. Thank you IRES!"

Simon Gray (Intern at the Omni Hotel, 2010-2011)

My Internship Training Program in the United States had a great impact on my life. My previous experience helped me to learn a lot of things. I learned that the challenge of working in different places is not that easy. I learned to be focused when given a task, and to be attentive while trying to learn new things. I learned to work on problems and challenges, and provide solutions.
Performing the duties in my company allowed me to learn the different aspects of how a company operates, and gave me better understanding in the field of hospitality. I also learned that customers are the vital asset of a company. Without them, a business would not exist. I learned that guest satisfaction is making sure we meet the expectations our guests are looking for. This is done by paying attention to detail, taking no shortcuts, and completing a job from start to finish. We have to ensure total quality and excellent customer service.
I learned that you can be happy with what you're doing, and you have to look at every situation as an opportunity to do the best you can with your responsibilities. This takes determination and dedication to what you're doing. I learned how to give a different perspective on how things can be done differently for the better. For example, making sure that I do everything with the big bright smile we Filipinos are known for!. Also tried doing new things that made me stronger. It was a learning experience that was enjoyable at the same time. I was able to know myself better and I became more determined to pursue my goals in life.
Since then, my work became easy. I show up my potential and I worked better every day. I can say that I was a big contributor to the company, because in spite of flexible time and area of designation, I made the best of it. Every day was a learning process. One of the best experiences was the tour package. I've been to different places like Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota , Wisconsin, Los Angeles and Utah. I explored the beauty of different states and shared wonderful moments with my new friends. The whole experience was great because I became a driven person, independent and very optimistic. I'm also very thankful because at my young age I already experienced working and living with different nationalities and cultures. It was also a big part of my education and in my growing up.
Indeed this program is a stepping stone in achieving our dreams and goals in life. So for me who went through this program and came home afterward to the Philippines, I would definitely suggest that students must also try and avail of this program. It can change and help you personally. This program is really worth everything! Not even money can replace the learning and experiences that we can gain from it.
Most importantly, I learned about taking care of different responsibilities, how to work with different people, and understanding how a world-class company operates. It not only helped me become more independent, but it allowed me to take home so many experiences I can apply to different opportunities that will come my way. Ultimately, these experiences will help me be successful in my career and it was an honor to be part of your program and to work with Little America Hotel and The Grand America Hotel here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thumbs up to the success of your program!

Jerome D. Nicolas
Former Intern Student

International Recruitment Exchange Service, Inc. - IRES has helped me gain a great experience by being able to come to the U.S and working at one of the best hotels in Louisiana. I would not have had this culinary internship experience (that will untouchably benefit me in the future) without their assistance.
Thank you IRES.

Assiyo Mengistu, J1 visa - Culinary Intern