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International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc., works to find the perfect candidate for the perfect employer.

Before you apply to International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc.’s program please confirm you qualify. If so please send your resume in this format and you may email it too

Intern: To qualify for an internship program you must be pursuing a degree full time at a university OUTSIDE the United States. The internship you are applying for must be related to your field of study. You may also qualify for an internship program if you will begin your internship within one year after your graduation from a post-secondary, non-U.S. institution.

Trainee: To qualify for a training program you must have a degree and one year experience in the field in which you wish to train OR have 5 years working experience in the field in which you wish to train. Your education and experience must be from a country OUTSIDE the United States.

Intern: 2 months to 12 months.

Trainee: 3 months to 18 months. If you are in the hospitality field, your internship can last a maximum of 12 months.

If you initially choose a program that is less than the maximum allotted time, you may later extend your visa if you and your host company agree to do so.

International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. places candidates in the following areas
. Business Management, Marketing and Related Support Services
. All sectors of the Hospitality Field
. Science Technologies/Technicians
. Computers and Information Sciences and Support Services
. Architecture
. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
. Engineering
Contact International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. for more information

To apply you need the following documents:
. Application Form (IRES resume)
. Copy of your passport biography page (the page with your picture on it)
. School Certificate(s) and/or Work Reference(s)
. IRES’s Terms and Conditions
. Program Fee

Intern: You may participate in multiple programs if you are enrolled at a non-U.S., post-secondary institution or within one year after your graduation from a non-U.S. academic institution.

Trainee: You may participate in another program once you have completed two years of residency outside the U.S. after your training program.

NOTE: The 2-year regulation pertaining to the trainee program is SEPARATE from the 2-year rule (212E) set forth by the U.S. Embassy and your home country government.

Please contact International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. for an updated fee schedule.

The DS7002 is what was once called a “training plan.” International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. works with the host company to create your DS7002

In order to travel outside the U.S. for vacation or to visit your home country you need to submit the following materials to the sponsor company at least 2-3 weeks prior to your departure. Contact International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. for more information

Some countries grant 12 month visas to those trainees that have 18 month programs. In this situation you have two choices available:
. You can do all of your international vacationing/traveling within the 12 months that your visa is valid. Since the DS-2019 allows you to stay in the U.S.
you are still a legal, valid, trainee after your visa expires. The last 6 months of your program you must stay inside the U.S.
. During the course of the 12 months that your visa is valid, you can return to your home country and extend your visa at the U.S. embassy. They will extend
your visa another 6 months to match the date on your DS-2019.
NOTE: There have been instances when the visa was not extended and the trainee had to stay in his/her home country. If your visa is denied extension you will not be able to return to the U.S. to finish your program.

If there is no earlier date indicated on your I-94, you are allowed a 30-day “grace period” after the termination date for the purposes of travel and departure. You cannot work or travel outside the US and return during this period.

Commonly referred to as the 2-year rule, the 212E rule is a foreign residency requirement which may be imposed by your home country government. To find out if this rule applies to you, simply look in the middle of the left side of your DS-2019 for the section that says: 212E rule does or does not apply. You may also look at your J1 visa

Once you arrive in the U.S., you need to notify the sponsor of your arrival. The sponsor will activate your SEVIS and health insurance. We suggest you wait 7-10 business days before applying for a Social Security card. You may be employed during this time. After 7-10 business days you may go to your local Social Security Administration office and apply for your Social Security card. To find your local Social Security office or for more information on Social Security, please visit:

While you are awaiting the arrival of your Social Security card in the postal mail you may train without a social security number.

You do not have to pay:
· Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA)
· Federal Unemployment tax

You have to pay
· Federal Tax
· State Tax

If you lose your DS-2019, contact International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc. right away; it can be replaced for a fee. If you lose your passport and/or your I-94, you will need to report the loss immediately to Immigration and Naturalization Service. To replace your passport, you need to contact the nearest Consulate for your home country.

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