"My name is Kata Farsang. I'm from Hungary, Europe. I decided to work with the IRE Services agency in 2009 when I started to plan my internship in New York. I got the information about the agency from a very good friend of mine who worked with them too and spent an amazing year in Arizona. She told me they were absolutely reliable and helpful in any circumstances. She was right ? From the first e-mail that I sent them until today(!) they've been taking good care of me and all my issues I had. Thanks to them I got a job in the Melville Marriott Long Island in New York and I consider my last year in New York as the biggest adventure of my life. I met awesome people, I made great friendships and I'm going home with priceless memories and perfect recommendation letters! I'm planning to come back to the States again this year (2011) and I'll definitely contact the agency again because I know I can trust them. I've never regretted that I worked with them because without them I wouldn't be able to come to the USA with no problems and go home with memorable experiences. If anybody is planning to come work in the States, I can recommend this agency to work with! They are great support, with amazing people that you can count on even if you're all by yourself in the States. Thanks IRE Services for everything, especially Kelley Burris who was my n°1 support from the very first moment!"
Kata Farsang
International Recruitment Exchange Service, Inc. - IRES has helped me gain a great experience by being able to come to the U.S and working at one of the best hotels in Louisiana. I would not have had this culinary internship experience (that will untouchably benefit me in the future) without their assistance. Thank you IRES.
Assiyo Mengistu
Culinary Intern
"The busy season is almost over, but believe me I had so much fun and I can tell to myself that I learned a lot of things in this wonderful internship. Thank you for the privilege that I've been part of your program, I met a lot of good people whose living here in the US, people who are also interns that are studying from other countries and we built an unforgettable memories. I'm so glad that I met them, my workplace is so awesome, and your program is so much worth it. Thank You very much Kelley, and the people behind the excellence of the program."
John Solis
"My name is David and i was on my laptop looking for a better job than I had in South Australia, I saw an ad that asked me if I wanted to work in Canada or United states. I was very nervous as ive never been to America before, and on my own. Paperwork and payments were all being sent as i heard that it was not a scam. I really had a skype interview with a manager from the hotel i was supposed to work in, and i got it. I had my flight details emailed to me and off i was, couldnt believe it, hotels on the way were included. My accommodation at the hotel went with no problems as i was tired. I corresponded before and during my entire stay with Kelley Burris who constantly helped me and stayed in touch, she could even assist me with an extension of my visa status since i was loving everyday. Thank You Kelley for giving the experience of my life when I was just searching for another job in my home town!"
South Africa

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